Ways You Can Celebrate Your Years As They Pass By

When we grow older with each passing year, the happiness that comes with every approaching birthday gradually decreases to the point where we do not really feel like celebrating our birthdays anymore. As children it was normal for us to wish to get older faster, even if just a day quicker, and to step foot into the adult world. However, now that we have been in this world for quite a while, there are more times where we simply wish we could instead regress back into our childhood. But, let us make this clear: just because we have come to loathe the fact that we grow older every birthday, there is no actual reason for us to altogether skip the festivities! In fact, we can make creative use of our birthdays – and channel our inner child once a year, just on this very day!

To start with, let us get rid of the idea that birthday parties have to grow more formal as we add on the years. The hotels and reception halls are the default 30th birthday party venues in Melbourne? No more such simplistic thoughts! There is no reason why you cannot focus on your inner child and have a beach party, pool party or garden party. And similarly, you do not have to force yourself to wear sombre and formal suits or dresses, and give up on colours for a sleek night party; in fact, you are never old enough to get rid of the colour in your life. Balloons, coloured popcorns, confetti and other every party decoration brimming with colour and life can very well make their way into the birthday parties of older adults.

Besides actually colouring up your birthday venues by including balloons, lighting and other creative themes, you should also pay attention to the food and music that will be available at the party. You can once again channel your inner child by going old school. Remember the music and food you used to enjoy back when you were young (but which sadly, are out of trend nowadays)? Well, it is time to bring them back! Having a playlist of your old favourites together with a photo slideshow and old treats to boot is sure to bring back a number of lovely memories for all the attendees present.

And to conclude, let us not forget that as an adult, there are certain things that can be present at your party (but which cannot really make their way into a kids’ party). We are naturally referring to the alcoholic drinks and other adult-themed festivities and attractions. Since both the attendees and you yourself will want to relax and have a drink or two (or maybe, get completely wasted!), it is only natural to include a snack and drink bar amidst the other colourful ideas we have listed above. If you remember to include the above suggestions, you will no doubt be able to have the greatest birthday parties for another decade or so!

Friday, December 16th, 2016 Food & Drink, Restaurants