The Secret To Having A Great Coffee Favor

Most coffee lovers make their coffee off pre ground beans and have been doing so for most of their life without a clue of what they are missing out in life. Have you ever wondered why do people give you “that” look when you let them know you use pre ground coffee? Some high end coffee shops do not even use coffee that was ground up more than ten minutes ago, and that is because they understand that the best coffee is made from coffee beans that are freshly ground up. The main reason that coffee is ground up is because when they cut into smaller pieces, the surface area of the coffee beans that come into contact with the water is  increased and allows us to get into the good stuff on the inside of the coffee bean. These beans have up to thousand different types of flavors, and when they ground up properly, the coffee beans are broken up and all of the aroma and flavour is released and dissolves much faster when it touches the water.

Different flavors are released depending on the type of grinding that is done on the coffee beans. According to studies done on the field, it has been realized that coffee loses almost all of its aroma after 15 minutes, up to 60% to be exact. It is for this reason that coffee should be freshly ground up at all times, but well tasting coffee doesn’t just depend on the type of grinding that is being done, but also on the type of hand grinders that are being used. Hand grinders like the Porlex grinder allow you to do this easily and efficiently.
The grinding of the coffee beans differs depending on the type of coffee taste you want. If it is a Turkish coffee you require, then you will need a fine grind of up to thirty thousand tiny pieces.  Some hand grinders, notably the porlex grinder allow you to adjust the grinding level, be it from a Turkish coffee level of grinding to a French press and are portable enough to carry around on your travels so that you can pour your favorite cup of coffee wherever you end up in. Visit this page if you are looking for best coffee grinder.
Coffee grinder come in various types of materials but the ceramic grinders are a much better option as they do not rust and stay sharper for longer than their metal equivalents, but they are can be a bad idea if you are a frequent traveler, as ceramic options have a higher chance of being damaged. Stainless steel coffee grinders are much easier to clean and have a better look than the other types. Hand held coffee grinders are a better option if you cannot afford an electric machine.

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