Coffee Journeys: How It Is Drunk Across The World

Coffee is a drink that is enjoyed around the world. There are so many coffee lovers out there that this energy inducing drink is now something that has become mandatory in the lives of many people. The burst of coffee shops around the world is proof to this. Each country has its own way of enjoying the good old traditional cup of coffee and it is very interesting to see how they enjoy it. If you are a coffee enthusiast as well, here are some of the most unique coffee dinking methods from around the world.

Egg Coffee in Vietnam

Yeah, you heard it right. This one cannot just be made because you own a good rocket espresso machine. The coffee needs to be combined with egg yolk, milk, sugar and sometimes instead of thick milk, condensed milk is used. The resulting drink is very thick and is more of a dessert than a beverage. It is delicious though and deserves a try.

Kaffeost in Finland

If you have heard about coffee cheese, this is it! A cheese by the name of juustoleipa is added to the bottom of the coffee cup and the drink is poured on top of it. After the coffee is finished, you can eat the cheese with a spoon. The unique combination infuses the coffee and the cheese both with little bits of each other which makes this drink one of a kind. Besides it is a very simple to make that you don’t need to do a barista course to make it.

Kan Kohi in Japan

Kan Kohi in Japan is basically canned coffee that can be found anywhere and everywhere. Street vendors, vending machines, convenience stores and everywhere else sells it. The drink can be served cold in the summer and hot in the winter. Café des epices in Morocco Staying true to the culinary styles of Morocco, this concoction includes ground black pepper, nutmeg and sesame seeds or a combination of other spices in addition to the coffee. The drink is strong, spicy and aromatic making it rather heady.

Café Lagrima in ArgentinaThis drink has less of coffee and more of milk. Basically the drink is a lot of milk and foam that is infused with about a drop or two of coffee that is strong. The milk and foam balance t off and the resulting beverage is a light and airy one that can be enjoyed by anybody. Turkish coffee in Turkey.