Actions Based On Food Strategy

food strategy

Food strategies are food policies which are made for an area to determine the actions which will be done for the future change of the food and its growth in certain areas. The food strategy considers the sustainability of the environment, hygienic and healthy eating, the growth of the economy and the community and its effects on the food supply and demand chain. Not only this but these also include the decisions about the production, marketing, how the food will be utilized and the consume. These food policies could have different scope. Some food strategy is on the national level or global level whereas others are on the local level. The objective of the food strategy is to make sure that the food is provided to the poor community of the society as well and that the food is safe and the hygienic. 

Objectives of the food strategy:

Although these objectives may be different for the developed nations but these are the basics for any developing nation around the globe. There are three main objectives of these which are as follows:

  • To prevent the poor community form crises of the food.
  • To develop the market in such a way that it is not only long run but also utilizes the resources in the most efficient manner
  • Enhance the production of the food to not only meet the demand of the future population but to also export it to various countries to generate income

Conflicts on food criteria:

It is one of the primary goal of the country government to eliminate the poverty and hunger for the country and therefore, the food strategies do have the political influence on thee but the involvement is limited and the countries in which this is an active issue, the political influence is much more. Although the solution may sound simple but could be challenging and it could be increasing the amount of the food produced and lowering the price on which it is provided and not only increasing the amount but should also be rich and dense in nutrients so that it is necessary for the daily activities that the body does but if the food is either not available, scarce, or is not rich in nutrition then it means that the food concept development strategy of the government is falling and is not designed to meet the basics of the objectives.

In order to make a good food strategy it is important that the consumers and producers both are involved in this procedure because if the producers increase the price too much then the low income families are not able to afford it and at the same time since the food rates are the sole income for the producers they cannot reduce the price too much.