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What So Special About The Specialty Latte And Mocha Brew


A very superior quality brew and with superior breed of beans are known as Gourmet brew or Specialty brew. It tastes better than the rest and is very popular with connoisseurs and others. It is a highly appreciated cup of Joe which will illuminate your senses with the rich taste and unique aroma which you will not encounter with any other ordinary beans.

Where does it come from?

Such specialty brew is not available everywhere and is not just coming from anywhere. The top 20% of the Arabica beans grown and harvested from a few selected regions of the world and are given the term specialty. Sometimes it is called premium and sometimes gourmet interchangeably, but in fact, it is the best coffee beans in the world. The java industry takes immense effort in selecting such high quality beans and sourcing it either for or from for the purpose of roasting, brewing and importing.

What is so great about such specialty brew?

• The beans are not available everywhere as it grows in unique environmental conditions which are ideal for its production. You cannot find this cup of Joe available just in any brew bar; only the best bars in Fitzroy or cafes will be able to procure it to their customers.

• The beans take up distinctive flavors from the soil they are grown in.

• Even after being blended, the origins of the bean can be identified through its tastes and aroma.

• Consumers often have a lot of expectations from such brew types on the basis of the land, region or farm they are sourced from.

• All types of specialty brew with a few exceptions are made using Arabica beans grown in very high latitude places.

• They have stories related to their history which is worth telling as they can create great cultural and geographical lessons.

• The unique value of the birthplaces and quality should be protected.

• For instance, the term Java has become quite synonymous and is used as generic for coffee in our daily lives as well. Arabica was largely exported by Dutch colonists who cultivated such beans.

• Specific quality, characteristics and features of the beans are identified with specific regions. For instance, by Kona coffee, one can identify Hawaii; and by Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaica is identified.

• The result of such identification is that the product is associated with the region they grow and thus such geographic indications are created.

• Most countries which grow coffee beans have developed association of growers, agencies and companies for dealing with the improvement of the cultivating, marketing and exporting of such beans.

These associations or community promotes rural development through infrastructure, education and medical facilities.


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The Secret To Having A Great Coffee Favor

Most coffee lovers make their coffee off pre ground beans and have been doing so for most of their life without a clue of what they are missing out in life. Have you ever wondered why do people give you “that” look when you let them know you use pre ground coffee? Some high end coffee shops do not even use coffee that was ground up more than ten minutes ago, and that is because they understand that the best coffee is made from coffee beans that are freshly ground up. The main reason that coffee is ground up is because when they cut into smaller pieces, the surface area of the coffee beans that come into contact with the water is  increased and allows us to get into the good stuff on the inside of the coffee bean. These beans have up to thousand different types of flavors, and when they ground up properly, the coffee beans are broken up and all of the aroma and flavour is released and dissolves much faster when it touches the water.

Different flavors are released depending on the type of grinding that is done on the coffee beans. According to studies done on the field, it has been realized that coffee loses almost all of its aroma after 15 minutes, up to 60% to be exact. It is for this reason that coffee should be freshly ground up at all times, but well tasting coffee doesn’t just depend on the type of grinding that is being done, but also on the type of hand grinders that are being used. Hand grinders like the Porlex grinder allow you to do this easily and efficiently.
The grinding of the coffee beans differs depending on the type of coffee taste you want. If it is a Turkish coffee you require, then you will need a fine grind of up to thirty thousand tiny pieces.  Some hand grinders, notably the porlex grinder allow you to adjust the grinding level, be it from a Turkish coffee level of grinding to a French press and are portable enough to carry around on your travels so that you can pour your favorite cup of coffee wherever you end up in. Visit this page if you are looking for best coffee grinder.
Coffee grinder come in various types of materials but the ceramic grinders are a much better option as they do not rust and stay sharper for longer than their metal equivalents, but they are can be a bad idea if you are a frequent traveler, as ceramic options have a higher chance of being damaged. Stainless steel coffee grinders are much easier to clean and have a better look than the other types. Hand held coffee grinders are a better option if you cannot afford an electric machine.

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How To Shop For Quality Non Vegetarian Foods Easily?

Have you watched a new recipe in your favorite cooking program that show use of Australian meat and you are sad that you will not get it in Singapore? Don’t try cooking the recipe using different meat. Because, the original taste will come with same ingredient only. So, will you do now, forget about that dish or is there any option available to get Australian meat in Singapore.Well, the answer is open the World of the internet and look for meat of Australia in Singapore. You will get plenty of stores offering foodstuff of different countries all over the world. You can easily purchase these items and start cooking. Either you want to buy beef online or butterflied lamb you will get everything in these stores.

Other non vegetarian food stuff that can be purchased from portals

• Lean mince

Lean meat is nothing but a portion of meat taken from the beef. It is widely used in cooking all over the world. In hamburger, spaghetti and various other food items it is very commonly used. Three types of lean mince are available in the market and its price differs according to its quality. It is hard to get lean mince in places where beef is not used for cooking. But, with the help of portals lean mince can be purchased anywhere.

• Rib eye

It is portion of beef taken from the rib, in this flesh, the ribs of beef remain intact with the muscles. It gives a great taste when roasted or baked. It is hard to get the rib eye at places where people don’t eat it much. However, the dishes made of rib eye are very famous in countries like New Zealand, Australia, etc. But, with the help of stores selling non-vegetarian stuff of different origin, this stuff can be purchased anywhere in the world.

• Porterhouse

It is again a portion of beef muscle taken from a specific part of the body. The porterhouse is a T-shaped muscle piece that contains bone as well. It contains lots of muscles and give great taste when baked with local herbs. This is also available on store selling the flesh online.

These are some of the World famous flesh that is sold online in different countries. In addition to these items, many other types of non-vegetarian food stuff can also be purchased over the internet like. One can purchase a huge range of fresh beef and lamb online anywhere in the World at affordable cost.

However, it is important to note that stores selling the flesh of different countries do not keep the stock with them. They sell things on pre-order.

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Initial Steps To Consider When Opening Up Your Own Restaurant

Opening up a restaurant is always risky and a business venture that will need a lot of planning, financing and hard work but it is definitely something you can explore and try out. Being the owner of a successful restaurant can be the most rewarding and exciting experiences you have. Here are the initial steps that you would have to consider:

Determine the food concept

The first thing that you need to consider is the food concept. The food concept is the type of food that you would like to serve to our customers. This could range from seafood, family style restaurants, Indian cuisine, pizzeria, coffee shop or even a sandwich shop to name a few. Knowing what type of food will determine the most important aspects of the business and you structure and organize all the areas of the restaurant that you need. Secondly, it would be essential to devise the menu in a brief manner, as to know what kind of meals can be served. It is not necessary at this stage to know exact prices or recipes but a simple idea of what the menu will be like will help you know what you need in terms of customer preferences, any competitors offering the same, special equipment or layouts required and the personal skills. Most of the best American restaurants Sydney that have come to being have focused much attention on these initial planning stages. 


Many owners feel that looking in to the ambience of the restaurant is a luxury or something that can be put off for later but on the contrary consider the ambience of the restaurant as one of the most important aspects as this will serve as the first impression that the customers get when considering dining in at your restaurant. This will vary from the furniture, glassware and dishes to the lighting and the uniforms. Music, the serving style and the type of clientele also serve as important factors.

Serving style

There are mainly three different types of serving styles. Quick service restaurants or fast food outlets such as burger restaurants and pizza restaurants have low cost menus and quick service. Mid scale restaurants fall under the middle ground of fast food and upscale styles. They offer good value for meals usually and include buffets and salad bars. Finally, the upscale restaurants are all about high quality food and dining experiences and usually are the fine dining establishments. Their food is of the best quality and is usually offered at high prices.

Looking in to these three areas and researching on costs and making yourself knowledgeable of the market will help you prepare for the next crucial steps in setting up your own restaurant.

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